Friendship Stars Program


Many years ago, some guild members decided upon an idea of sending a 6" finished Friendship Star block to members to express encouragement. Over the years the guild has grown and schedules have become too busy. This makes our commitment an even bigger impact on our members! There are too many times that our friends have been under the weather, lost a loved one, in the hospital or just need our best wishes. We need to let our friends know that we are thinking of them. Our emphasis is not an invasion of privacy but rather that we want to make sure our friends how we care. Again, we will only do this with permission. Please know that we will respect each person's wishes. This is all about kindness, support, and encouragement! Sometimes just a thoughtful gesture can help brighten a stormy day. Our friends are the best part of our guild! We all have times when we need to know that we are not alone. This small token is very simple...just friendship.

Our intentions are to help our members to provide a “thinking of you” act of kindness. If you have knowledge about a guild member who needs a thoughtful bit of comfort and have the consent of that person, please contact a board member. You will then need to find out the recipient's mailing address, the fabric choice of the star and of the background.

There are several methods that can be used to make this wonderful quilt block. The instructions for a machine pieced star are downloadable right here (uses Acrobat Reader)!

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