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Over 100 Displayed Quilts

2016 BTQG Quilt Show highlights the many talents of local quilters

  • Hand Pieced Quilts
  • Machine Pieced Quilts
  • Hand Quilted Quilts
  • Machine Quilted Quilts
  • Traditional Quilts
  • Art Quilts
  • Bed Quilts
  • Wall Hangings
  • Wearables

And along with the many examples of fine handwork, pieced quilts, appliqued quilts, visitors will be pleased to view these special exhibits.

Quilt and Furniture Miniatures Exhibit

Bradley Meinke of Purple “B” Emporium will have a unique display of beautiful miniatures. An avid collector of textiles, Meinke began his love of quilts as a child when he attended quilting bees with his mother. Learning to sew at age five, he continues to quilt, craft and build scale miniatures today. His love of history and the Victorian era led him to collecting beautiful and historical crazy quilts. Meinke is Archives Collection Manager, Columbia College Archives at Columbia College.

China Quilt Exhibit
Hmong Tribe
Pa nDau Applique
Collection of Hsiao-Mei Wiedmeyer

Pa nDau (pronounced Pond-ouw) is a reverse appliqué needle work unique to the Hmong people.  The Hmong are an ancient mountain tribe who lives in the regions bordering China, Vietnam, Lao and Thailand.  During the Vietnam war, many Hmong people who aided the CIA were relocated to the United States (mostly in Minnesota) to avoid prosecution.  Hmong women brought with them their beautiful traditional needle-art work.  The design of a circular “elephant foot,” “star,” “Ram’s horn” and many more motifs all have special symbolic meanings in the Hmong’s culture.  The reverse appliqué technique of Pa nDau is similar to Molas from the San Blas Island (Panama); however, Pa nDau uses precise geometric cutting in fabric layers that overlay a background fabric to create the design.  Exquisite Hmong appliqués may be viewed online at the virtual Hmong textiles museum at http://www.hmongembroidery.org/reverseapplique.html.

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